Wednesday, 30 September 2009

paramore - brand new eyes

fuck you. i like paramore. but not like enough to post their downloadble links here. :p
i still like their previous album though.

paramore - brand new eyes

Tuesday, 15 September 2009

poor taylor

a quite entertaining scene to watch on a sunday night.

Jack Johnson - Poor Taylor

lettere che avevo intenzione di scriverei

caro "a",
ovviamente io sono ancora dei sentimenti per voi
non posso muovermi liberamente se sai cosa voglio dire
devo ammettere che è ancora ferito i miei sentimenti vedendo le foto tu caricate su facebook
senza offesa, è un mio problema personale comunque
ho bisogno di liberarsi di quel sentimento

spero che tu capisca,


pic taken from my notebook, december 2008

Monday, 7 September 2009

i think i've made a mistake.

this is wrong. so wrong.
but hey, people make mistakes.

it's just like my impression after watching "the final destination" movie, that death has it's own plan for us. people make mistakes, maybe that's just the way it is, maybe mistake is the fucking plan. i think we should stop regretting things.

Robbie Williams - No Regrets

Saturday, 5 September 2009

no use for a fucking expensive ticket prices

take look at this pamphlet
Bumi wiyata hall?
Depok? (no offense)
presale for 200.000 rupiahs?
then 225.000 rupiahs (after 10 sept 2009)?
on the FUCKING spot 250.000 rupiahs!!!???
please please please thrash that show for me, puh-leese.

let's take a quick recap here from the past events :

Comeback Kid @ Stardust Sarinah :

Presale : Rp. 100.000
On The Spot : Rp. 150.000


Rp. 250.000,- (Festival)
Rp. 225.000,- (Tribune)
At Venue
Rp. 300.000,- (Festival)
Rp. 275.000,- (Tribune)

Extreme Noise Terror @ Bulungan Open Air :

Pre Sale Rp 35.000,-
D-Day Rp 50.000,-

MxPx @ Hall A Basket Senayan Jakarta :

PreSale : Rp. 100.000
D-Day : Rp. 150.000

Have Heart @ De Javu Cafe Menteng :

pre sale :Rp.50.000
D'day : Rp.80.000

Napalm Death @ Ancol

rp. 75.000

Exploited @ Pondok Cabe

i forgot but its below 100.000 rupiahs for sure

Magrudergrind @ Stardust Cafe


Sick Of It All @ Tennis Outdoor Jakarta :

Festival : Rp.200.000,-
Tribune : Rp.150.000,-

Walls Of Jericho @ Hall Basket Senayan :

presale : 125.000
on the spot : 150.000

Parkway Drive @ Hanggar Pancoran :

pre sale :Rp.50.000
D'day : Rp.75.000

Not Available @ Hanggar Teras Pancoran :

presale : 120.000
on the spot : 150.000

Ignite @ Hall Basket Senayan :


Nofx @ Kemayoran :


okay okay enough with those recaps. you see my point aite?
Bumi wiyata hall?
Depok? (no offense)
presale for 200.000 rupiahs?
then 225.000 rupiahs (after 10 sept 2009)?
on the FUCKING spot 250.000 rupiahs!!!???
get lost

ps. NUFAN (without 4) does rule! i used to bought their cassette back then in year 2000. making friends!

No Use For A Name - On The Outside

i'll see you on the outside where we can both feel same

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

the greatest takeover at the end of this decade.

great move mr. lee, i know that you're old and running out of ideas. enjoy your retirement while tony stark stopped playing with his proton canon and starts dancing with those high school musical faggot.

R.E.M. - It's The End Of The World As We Know It (acoustic)