Friday, 21 September 2012

check it out i helped my friend dimas wisnuwardono doing multicam sessions with maliq & d'essentials. the guitar player looks like a body builder now lol.

Saturday, 15 September 2012

that center girl is gone.

haha this might be the first post of me talking about a japanese idol group. i was in japan last month for a japanese-idol-related job, yes, it's AKB48, they're like #1 idol group in Japan. i see these girls faces everywhere i go, they're on the Vending Machine, Billboards, Magazines, TV, everywhere! i didn't really know about AKB48 when i took this job a year ago. i thought they're just another asian dancing-and-singing-girlgroup sensation. (well, yes they are, but) it turns out that they're doing this idol-group thing which i still don't really know about it. this group has a lot of members (over 50 girls) which are divided into 4 groups, Team A, K, B, and 4. and they're doing this graduating-in-and-out members every year which reminds me of Morning Musume who came first before AKB48 (turns out Morning Musume are copying this idol system which is created by Yasushi Akimoto, the AKB48 producer, who have applied this system to an idol group, Onyanko Club in the 80's).

enough about the rambling, so for the last 1 year i learned a lot about this 48-idol thingy through wikipedia and my bosses in office *sigh*. the rules, formula, how they promote the group, sistergroups, theater setlist, etc. quite interesting, i must say, especially when you're in the crowd of idol group fans, the chants, lightsticks are unbelievablely fucking entertaining, you don't get that kind of excitement in hardcore/punk gigs. and i'm starting to netsurf to find interesting things from people like Mariko Shinoda, Ami Maeda, Jurina Matsui (SKE48), Anna Murashige (HKT48), etcetera etcetera. hahahaha. and then i found out about the AKB48's 1st generation members, yep there are only around 5 members left on that generation, one of them is Atsuko Maeda (Acchan), who always got center position on almost every AKB48 single. people called her "center girl" of a mascott of AKB48.

although i just got in this 48 idol stuff, it kinda saddens me to see her last performance on tokyo dome. because i saw her documentary (flower ga saku made) and some of her past performances and appereances on youtube hahaha. so i was kinda affected when i saw her performing songs with her old "1st generation" friends like "yuuhi wo mite iruka?", "bingo!", or "Yume No Kawa".

well. bye Acchan. LOL.

ACCHAN! *wota mode on*

AKB48 - Yuuhi Wo Mite Iruka?