Wednesday, 18 July 2012

l'alphalpha : funk the hole (sore cover)

video recording the on air show lol. l'alphalpha performing "funk the hole" (sore cover) with rayi (ran) at drums. taken at radioshow tv one, 10/07/12.

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

raincoat: live at dromotora studio.

raincoat's dromotora studio gig complete setlist, taken at 8th of july 2012. video shot on canon 550d, gopro HD, and samsung galaxy s3 by me. audio recorded on zoom h1 (fuck the clicking noise).

Wednesday, 11 July 2012


today is the day of Jakarta Governor Election 2012, i feel like sharon stone on basic instinct with a fucking icepick (minus the pussy seconds, and oh the dress, gender, etcetera ok whatever i just thought it would be cool to put a basic instinct reference in this post)

Friday, 6 July 2012


my blackberry was fucking restarting all the time so i purchased samsung galaxy s3 weeks ago. what a fucking sophisticated smartphone. here's a thing, i hate typing on touchscreen and also i have to charge the battery every 6 hours. lame. but i have to adapt with the gadget updates and touchscreens are everywhere, i think the future will be all touchscreen which i can't deny it. so yeah i have to learn typing on a flat digital keyboard. but the good thing is: i have an instagram account now. LOL. some iphone users hate it when instagram decided to expand the application to android, and guess what, now i'm one of those android users hahaha.

personally, i think most of instagram pictures are boring, well don't get me wrong, the pictures are good, but it's not interesting anymore. instagram used to be interesting but now everyone's doing it, same composition (suchas your-own-shoes picture, landscape, food), and there aren't much filter and editing options in it. okay okay but that's what instagram all about right? creating good, color-graded picture instantly. the good thing is instagram helps people to explore their artistic side on photography, instantly.

and now, i decided to be one of those boring people, HA! yes, #middlefingart is a project of mine which consisted of my right middle finger and instagram. here's a story behind it, I used to have an ordinary middle finger until 9th december 2003. ‪through instagram, i would like to make my middle finger useful again. #middlefingart will be running until the tenth anniversary of my "new" middle finger, which is on 9th december 2013. and no. i'm not inspired by ai weiwei's 'perspective'.