Friday, 29 June 2012

smoking area.

just a stupid video i made for fun with my college friends when we're in Tokyo. starring: oni syalala and cakti prawirabishma.

smoking area on majalah cobra.

just received the latest issue of Majalah Cobra, turns out that my submitted video "smoking area." made it into the top 25 videos that got chosen as the magazine's bonus DVD titled "Video Semenit Lebih Sedikit 2012". they wrote my name wrong, as usual. (well, don't they remember that they did an interview with me in the previous issue? lol).

so there are 43 videos in the DVD, the interesting thing about this video compilation is most of the videos are length around one minute, just like the compilation title "Video Semenit Lebih Sedikit 2012" (One minute and a little more video? lol). so far my fave one's Jasser Alif's video "Berkat kamu aku tambah semangat". you gotta see it for yourself. get the magazine now! (IDR. 35.000).

Thursday, 28 June 2012

PS Vita: because life's too hard to be a winner.

so lately, for the last few months i've been saving some money for my own my-bloody-valentine-esque guitar setup. so far fuzz and distortion is all that i've got. i don't even have my own electric guitar, (i have a squier jazz bass though) so i borrowed my friend's electric's PRINCE. so yeah...uhmmm let's move on to the next topic :p

i haven't got any cheap analog delay for my shoegazing guitar setup. so in the meantime, i started a noisecore band with my friend, Wing (you might have seen the video earlier in this blog). which i play bass which is plugged to the fuzz and yeah...we suck live. 2 members of a local idol group saw our live video and they made fun of me. (don't tell anyone, i put their "making fun of me" footage on the official youtube..pssstt...) xD

i should've bought an electric guitar this month but i wasted my own money on ps vita instead. HAHAHA. Why did i bought PS Vita? I already have a portable game called "Life". Played that shit 24 hours a day and i'm always losing since the game difficulty's can't be changed. It's always above "very hard". The game can't be cheated either, i googled the web and it returns no results.

also no walkthrough at all. all i've got was a god damn tianshi brochure, mario teguh golden way shit, and extremism religion organization offerings. you'll have to choose your own way in "life".


my PS Vita, if you guys noticed, i was playing Best Coast's latest video (The Only Place) on my Vita.

some people might asked:
"why you did not buy iPad or Nintendo 3ds?"
well the answer is because those gadgets are for wankers. I wanna play real hardcore games, not somekind of stepping the turtle, getting coins, which are played using a touchscreen pen.

so that's it. i love my ps vita. yaayyyy.... :D *typing ps vita with my warm cock, fuck yeah, it is also touchscreen*

nah. the real reason why i bought ps vita is because currently i don't have any girlfriend so i haven't spend any of my income yet. :(



Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Vague: 23 (live)

another video of Vague from the same event as the previous blog post. this time i collaborated with Anggia Murni on video. enjoy.

Monday, 25 June 2012

Vague: Endless Summer (live)

I went to the "A Music Network #8" event at Hard Rock Cafe Jakarta weeks ago to see my friend's band, Vague perform there. Great band, if you like stuffs coming from Dischord Records then you'll enjoy Vague. The lead singer/guitar player, Yudhis wanted me to record his performance. So here it is:

"Endless Summer" by Vague. Shots by me on GOPRO HD, Sony HDR-XR260, and Canon 550D. Audio recorded by me on Zoom H1. Edited by me on Final Cut Pro. Kinda inspired by TOE's CUT DVD.

Sunday, 10 June 2012

JJ72 - Formulae

so i just played some of JKT48 songs (yea you heard me, that's right, JKT48 songs mastered version without any chants biatch! lol) on itunes. and then i saw this name "JJ72", whoa it's been awhile since the last time i played their song, where are they now? i googled them and read their wikipedia page, turns out that they're broke up 6 years ago hahaha. these irish guys sounded like placebo hahaha. so here's their music video that i oftenly saw back when i was still in high school "Formulae". Note: the bass player, Hilary Woods is cute.