Tuesday, 13 December 2011

updates lol

hello. i just deleted my multiply blogging site last week, so i think blogspot will be my main blog (for now). i've been busy lately, i've been doing videoworks for this female idol group named jkt48, sounds familiar? yep, jkt48 is a sister group of akb48, that famous idol group from japan. the girls of jkt48 surrounds my daily life since last october, i think you should follow their twitter, uhmm i've never really into local all-girl music group but they're really nice person. i was kinda moved when thay sang happy birthday to me :')
fuck why am i being so mushy about it haha. the job makes me feel really old, the girls often called me "om" (uncle) . :(

i am old. i'm 1/4 century old this year. no!!

okay back to updates:
i still have 3 movie documentation and a documentary movie to finish! a friend of mine, Gusad is doing the "Mama Cake" and "Cahaya Di Atas Cahaya (Rayya)" documentation (behind the scenes) today. I hope it will be finished before new year. and also my upcoming documentary movie got featured on houtskools, the JakartaGlobe, and jakartabeat.net. A four minutes teaser is on the works! and also a friend of mine,isha hening will contribute her motion graphic skills to our documentary movie. awesome.

so that's it. 25 sucks. in the meantime please check out the some of the jkt48 videos made by me and my friends at jkt48 youtube channel.

sneak peek:

quarter life crisis.

11th December 2011.

it must be dead.
it was supposed to be a joke.
it wasn't fun anymore.
too old for this shit.
the jokes are old.
no vinyls. fuck it.
starting new projects.
fresh ideas.
dennis lyxzen was right.
a real goodbye to college years.
thanks for all of your support.

rest in peace 2005-2011.