Saturday, 27 February 2010

flashback : 1997-2000 on quake 2 and reformation peacekeepers clan.

my elementary school friend, Andika Permata lend me his Quake 2 cd somewhere around november 1997, i'm still using Centrin as my ISP (Internet Service Provider) back then (dial-ups are fun with it's noisy dialing sound haha), and also 33,6 k modem (lol how lame was that). Okay, so i installed the game, and then returned the cd to Andika. I already have the 3.19 quake 2 patch that i downloaded several months before off centrin homepage, yes, centrin, indonet, and indosat has a local quake 2 servers back then. so i played the game and i become the youngest player from that online gaming community, BUT I DID NOT TELL THEM THAT I WAS THAT YOUNG, i'd tell them that i'm 14 years old and a second grade junior high school student (the truth: i was 11 years old and i'm in 5th grade of elementary school lol), i was so shy, i'm afraid that these teenager and adults will threated me different, or maybe they'll be making fun of me so i lied at them. sorry. :(

the first player i met on the centrin server was [RP]NIGHTMARE, he fragged me several times, i can't use my mouse very well, i thought quake 2 is just like Doom (the FPS game), where we can cheat using iddkfa, iddqd, or whatever commands. I used to play Doom at my Martial Arts Dojo, it's quite easy, no mouse needed, just plain keyboards. well i was wrong, quake 2 is much more complex than that, especially at online multiplayer stuffs. [RP]NIGHTMARE then thought me how to bind the controller so i can play quake more professionally (lol).

Months goes by, i'm becoming more better at fragging people at centrin and indonet servers (indosat was way too lagged for me, bad fuckin ping). I have ICQ, i added some indonesian quakers (quake player), i joined the mailing list at (later becomed yahoo!groups), i even bought my first 3D Video Card named Voodoo Banshee! haha and finally i have my permanent quake 2 player name "SilverMan" (taken from the marvel character Silver Surfer, and modified with Spiderman, Batman, Superman thing, never known that it would be Sarah's last name). So i fragged, i fragged, i fragged, and i fragged again. And then i'm starting to get bored with my non-clan status because most of the quake mailing list entry are all about quake clans, clans, and clans. There were only 3 official quake clan from Indonesia suchas |id| (indonesian destroyer), [IQ] (indonesian quaker), and [RP] (reformation peacekeepers). Theres this awesome cool war between clans at Rocket Arena mod. ClanWar! I wanna be a part of it, i gotta be a part of it, i must be a part of it! I gotta have a clan! So i asked Reformation Peackeepers (i choosed them because my idol [RP]NIGHTMARE is also in the clan, he's as good as immortal and d11-thrash, q2 pro player from usa, and the clan didnt contain the word Indonesia hahaha i know i'm so lame) if i could join them, they said that i gotta be tested first. So they tested me twice, first was in q2duel6 map with [RP]CiTyHuNTeR & [RP]ZerenX, which i fail because it was my sleep time and my dad's angry asking me to go to sleep instead of playing computer all day. hahaha, i asked his permission for the second test so i can play at night, and he approved. yay! i got tested the second time with [RP]BadPing and [RP]Zombie and i passed the test! Yeah! I changed my name proudly with the [RP] tag on it

[RP]*SilVeRMaN* , that's my name, i know it sounds like an alay name these days hahaha, but remember, it was around 1997-2000, alays don't exist back then. and then quake 3 arena came, and i'm not really interested because i dont wanna start all over again and too busy with junior high school.

i saved the members section page from the [RP] website (it's on xoom haha rest in peace i still remember!) because i'm proud with it. finally i became a part of something. it's more than just an online game clan, the members are also experts in technology and everything, i learned a lot from them.

the legendary "The Edge" (q2dm1)

so heres a html page that i saved from xoom back then (including gifs, excluding [RP]Joshi, sorry it was before you joined the clan :( )

Reformation Peacekeepers Members Section Page

where are they now? i still saw some of them in nusagames mailing list though. [RP]CiTyHuNTeR is now known as ryosaeba (name taken from the main character of city hunter comics, yes, its that pervert guy lol), he has a famous against-maxgain-or-roy-suryo kind of blog on wordpress. where are the rest?

gosh, let's play quake 2 online again

please? *resurrecting my icq from the dead*

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

the QR code of fubarization.


breakcore_LABS 0.7.1.


"konflik." ("conflict" in english) is a short movie made by me for a directing class assignment. the lecturer wants me to direct at least 3 actors to an "A", "L", and "I" formation. i was in a rush so i made this one starring my friends lol.

konflik. from me on Vimeo.

click for the HD version. the movie's about confrontation between a man with the black outfit against 2 guys on a pathway. and by the way, the movie has toured some Java major cities including Surabaya, Yogyakarta, and Jakarta. and also screened in France once. enjoy. *you might be disappointed haha*

Friday, 19 February 2010


A drone-doom-black-metal supergroup from Jakarta consisting of guitarist/stompboxes Danif Pradana (Kalimayat, Khuruksetra), vocalist/ambience creator Adit Bujbunen Al Buse (Karbala Bukan Fatamorgana, Mereka...), and drummer Uri Putra (Ghaust, GÄTT, Bertanduk!). Sick scary bastards.

Gloom Upon It's Prey

also check this Sabedarah's live excerpt video out, one of my cameraworks lol. edited by Danif Pradana

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

all you want is the truth and in disguise you’ll know what’s true

It's been a year since i recorded this video. I'm testing HDVideo uploaded on the internet. This is my first HD video on teh internet. Check it out....yo.

The Trees and The Wild - Irish Girl (live, click for the full HD version) from me on Vimeo.

The Trees and The Wild, an indie band from Jakarta, performing one of their songs titled "Irish Girl" live at Trisakti, East Jakarta.

Gracias Olsen

Gracias Olsen is a shoegaze/bossa/pop/post-rock/sigur rós-esque kind of band, led by singer-songwriter and guitarist Anom Prakoso, from Bandung. The band was started in 2007, as a side project of Anom Prakoso with a venture from Space Opera. The name Gracias Olsen is derived from Icelandic band, Sigur Rós. Gracias Olsen referred originally only to Anom Prakoso , as he originally intended it to be a solo project. However, he eventually focused his efforts on the band, so it became the name of the band. Check out the band's blog, and facebook.

Flashback Documentary of Indonesian Independence Hegemoni
The Man and The Bottle
O for Olsen
The Ghost Said That He Will Never Stop
Djakarta Fiktif

Sunday, 14 February 2010


PopokxBayi is a Fast-Like-Hell-Hardcore band from Depok, Indonesia. They described their genre as "AnimalThrash" because the lead singer sounds like a duck.

5 Demo Songs

Tuesday, 9 February 2010


okay, from this now on, i'm going to give you guys some local acts music recommendation. The first one's TerbujurKaku, the main performing alias of Surabaya breakcore musician Phleg (Lorelei, Delayed Desire, Badgeek, and Chaos Plus). TerbujurKaku is known for making breakcore mixed with koplo* and indonesian traditional music.

Breakcore Is Asscore
Blitchy Bitchy No.3
Megamix Album (Koplo Goes To Breakcore)

*KOPLO : dangdut mixes with dance music

Sunday, 7 February 2010


There is no one can understand me truly
I do not go out and i will keep silence
Everyone is mania in general
You don't have time to sleep
For to know others
It's more complex than how i used to thought
But already i know
The start is living life to the end
Everyone is mania in general
You don't have time to sleep
For to know others
I reach well
I fear the next addition?
A disruption and blinder
I'm not ahead

fucking beautiful.