Friday, 26 December 2014

2014 recap.

It's december already. *sigh*
But it's been an interesting year for me so far.

- After 2 and a half years of work, i quit my position as head of documentation at JKT48 Project in January.

- Before i left, the group titled a song after my name haha that was fucking hilarious.

- Made a concert film "Lemuria live at Rossi Musik Fatmawati", which i can say is the best concert ever that i attended in 2014!

- Since i have lots of free time after the JKT48 project, i finally got a chance to finish my own documentary movie that i've been doing since 2010,  "BISING". A big thank you to lots of friends who helped me finish this movie!

- Going solo vacation to Macau and Hong Kong and screened "BISING" for the first time (world premiere!) at Re-Records event: Subliminal Lounge #1. Thanks to Dennis Wong for making this happen. Few people came, i think it was around 20 people, it's not a big number but i get a chance to meet new people, that's the only thing that matters.

- Made an experimental documentary about my trip to Hong Kong "孤独 (Gūdú / Solitary)".

- Eurotrip to Neatherlands, Switerland, and Germany.

- "BISING" got an official selection at LUFF 2014 (Lausanne Underground Film and Music Festival) alongside "A l’Est de l’enfer", for the Extreme Indonesia programme.

- And also screened a week before at Cinema Spoutnik in Geneva for GLUFF 2014 (one of the pre-events of LUFF).

- Got a chance to see Antemasque concert live in Switzerland.

- Going to Sulawesi for the first time.

- Directing my first major label music video (i wont tell you the band name, haha).

- Japan trip!

- Performing my laptop music crap abroad in 3 countries (Hong Kong, Switzerland, and Japan) under my real name.

- 孤独 (Gūdú / Solitary) got selected at Artfools Video Festival that will be held in Larissa, Greece next year.

Here's hoping for more interesting things to come next year!