Thursday, 31 December 2009

last post for this decade.

The XX - Crystalised
wow, finally i'm going to pass this decade. still at my house, alone. uhmm what should i do now? ok how bout writing this last post for this decade hahaha. last 10 years was awesome. i grew up on that era.

started a band for the first time.
fell in idunnowhatitis with a girl.
got my driving license for a first time.
death friends.
near death experience several times.
heartbrokened several times too. LAWL.
and many more.

next decade should be awesome too, i'm turning 30 next decade T_T. oh shit time flies so fast.

rest in peace

Michael Jackson
Mbah Surip
Heath Ledger
Elliott Smith
Jam Master Jay
Claude Lévi-Strauss
James Brown
Marlon Brando
Dimebag Darrel
Layne Staley
Joey Ramone
Heath Ledger
Johnny Cash
Joe Strummer
Brittany Murphy

anyway, happy new year, and happy new decade. hehe.
Dillinger Escape Plan - Farewell, Mona Lisa

Wednesday, 30 December 2009

2009's best song ever.

hands down for the best song of the year (according to me ofcourse lol)! yayy!

The Pains of Being Pure at Heart - Young Adult Friction

Between the stacks in the library
Not like anyone stopped to see
We came they went our bodies spent
Among the dust and the microfiche

Dark winters wear you down
Up again to see the dawn
In your worn sweat shirt
And your mother’s old skirt
It’s enough to turn my studies down

Now that you feel
You say it’s not real
Now that you feel
You say it’s not real

I never thought I would come of age
Let alone on a moldy page
You put your back to the spines
And you said it was fine
If there’s nothing really left to say

You’re taking toffee with your vicodin
Something sweet to forget about him

If you go your own way
I will go my own way
And well never speak of it again

Now that you feel
You say it’s not real
Now that you feel
You say it’s not real

Don’t check me out
Don’t check me out
Don’t check me out, out, out (repeat)

Monday, 28 December 2009

Carissa's Wierd

Carissa's Wierd (Weird being deliberately mispelled) was an indie rock band from Seattle. Mat Brooke and Jenn Ghetto formed Carissa’s Wierd in 1995, and released three albums before their 2003 breakup. Some people classified their genre as "sadcore", which is (according to wikipedia) an infrequently employed subgenre term used by music journalists to describe examples of alternative rock characterised by bleak lyrics, downbeat melodies and slower tempos. LOL @ bleak lyrics, so what's the difference between emocore and sadcore? Maybe i should invent a new genre too named "sorrowcore" or maybe "crycore" perhaps? LOL. Mat Brooke and Ben Bridwell later went on to form Band of Horses.

Fluorescent Lights
All Apologies And Smiles, Yours Truly, Ugly Valentine
They'll Only Miss You When You Leave
The Ghost Of A Hummingbird Flying Around The Room (live)

The Color That Your Eyes Changed With the Color of Your Hair

Saturday, 26 December 2009

Goes Cube

Brooklyn finest post-hardcore trio. The band's music has been described as rock, metal, hardcore, avant-punk, and power indie rock among others.

It Came Upon The Midnight Clear
The Only Daughter
Song 46
Grinding The Knife Blade

still one still proud compilation, movement records (1998)

one side:
01. error crew - slut songs
02. sexy pig - fuck you
03. ina subs - street army
04. dislike - citizen scared
05. the idiots - punks dead i'm dead
06. out of control - blank genertion
07. dead germs - hucksters

proud side:
01. sepictank - bored in the city
02. cryptical death - nazi fuck off
03. total destroy - we won't stop
04. mid humans - cross road
05. kremlin - democracy coma
06. over cast - boisterous sound



Dischord is a fucking amazing record label ever. I like all of dischord bands. Including Jawbox, another D.C.'s post-hardcore outfits. Formed in 1989 and broke up in 1997. And also reunited for one night in 2009 (9th December @ Late Nite With Jimmy Fallon). This was their first show since early 1997.

Cooling Card

Friday, 25 December 2009

American Football

American Football was an indie rock band from Urbana, Illinois, USA. They broke up in 2000. The lead singer, Mike Kinsella went on to form Owen, his solo project.

I'll See You When We're Both Not So Emotional
Never Meant

Thursday, 24 December 2009

Impure Wilhelmina

ok, last one for tonight. Impure Wilhelmina, post-hardcore from Geneva, Switzerland. Underrated. Check them out.

The River
Get Away


glassJAw is a post-hardcore band from New York. glassJAw's sound has changed over the course of their history, consisting of the genres; experimental rock, afro-beat, screamo, hardcore, progressive rock, alternative rock and many more lol. Where the hell are they now? The band's kinda unactive since Daryl Palumbo, (the frontman who has x tatto inside his lips) broke the edge (which left Justin Beck as the only member of Glassjaw to remain straight edge) and starts to sing about liquor on his new band Head Automatica. Don't get me wrong, i like Head Automatica (i have their cd "decadence") but glassJAw is 10 times better than Head Automatica, sorry lol. So Daryl, stop making new album for Head Automatica and get back to glassJAw. Yea i know that you needed money and all but you need to finish what you've started.

Motel Of The White Locust
You Think You're John Fucking Lennon (live)


another great post-hardcore band from D.C. They're like, the pioneer of this genre named "Spazzcore" which is a mixture between math rock, hardcore punk, and indie rock lol. The frontman, Shelby Cinca is also a member of The Cassettes, Frantic Mantis, and Triobelisk. They've toured with Refused, which is kinda awesome.

The Red Bull Of Juarez
Invisible Time Lines
Lights On For Safety
Feelgood Song Of The Year (live)
Conditioned (live)
Suspicion Breeds Confidence
The Day Buildings Mysterious Vanished
There Will Be No More Scum (Alternate Version)


Coalesce is a 4 piece post-hardcore/mathcore band from Kansas City, Missouri. Their music is characterized by strange shifting tempos, noise, groove, and boundless creativity. You gotta listen to this shit, seriously. They just released a new album titled "OXEP" while ago. It's their first album in almost a decade. and guess what? they're still kicking ass. :D

A New Language
Have Patience
A Safe Place
The Comedian In Question
Absent In Death

Tuesday, 22 December 2009

flashback : Eskobar ft. Heather Nova - Someone New

it was 2002. i saw this video on mtv.
So is it goodbye?
Is it time to set you free?
Is it time to let it fly?
Is it time to let it bleed

We used to take turns
To cover up the pain
Deep below it burns
And the fellin' still remains

You're gonna find someone new
I really hope you do
'Cause I love you
And the sun will come on thru,
It's gonna shine for you
'Cause I adore you

Yes we gave it a try
But maybe for too long
Out of every sorrow
Another day will dawn

You're gonna find someone new
I really hope you do
'Cause I love you
And the sun will come on thru,
It's gonna shine for you
'Cause I adore you

And the road travels on
But I'm still near you
In my life, like a song
I will still hear you

Sun will shine for you
'Cause I adore you...

Sunday, 13 December 2009

toe - for long tomorrow

japanese post-rock band "toe" just released new album "For Long Tomorrow" in december 9th 2009. i think it's the most less-instrumental album of toe.

tracklists :
1 ここには何もかもがあるし、何もかもがない
2 ショウシツ点よ笛
3 After Image feat. Harada Ikuko (Clammbon)
4 エソテリック
5 Say It Ain’t So feat. Hoshikawa Yuzuru (Dry River String, ex upandcoming)
6 Two Moons
7 モスキートンはもう聞こえない#1
8 モスキートンはもう聞こえない#2
9 ラストナイト Album Version
10 グッドバイ Goodbye Album Version feat. Toki Asako 土岐麻子
11 You Go
12 Our Next Movement
13 Long Tomorrow

toe - for long tomorrow

having fun on stage with fugazi.

experience it. digitally. lol.

Fugazi - Having Fun On Stage With Fugazi

Tuesday, 8 December 2009


what? i'm going to turn 23 this month. oh shit.

The SLIP - Children Of December