Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Food Film For The Future, A Roadshow

once again, my movie "Tambuah Ciek!" will be screened at "Food Film For The Future A Roadshow" event. It's on 21th march at Aula Madya, Lt. 1, UIN, South Jakarta. 13.00 until 16.00 o'clock! be there!

Tuesday, 13 March 2012


Caught the blow with my fuckin head.
The intent was obvious in what they said.
They brought me down 'cause i don't play their game, but how could anyone be so fucking lame.
Show off your proficiency try putting me to shame.
Like I'd really give a fuck if you could beat me at your game.
And if you're trying to hit my weak spot then again you're gonna miss.
You see, I too am best at something you just don't know what it is.

- Final Exit

Monday, 12 March 2012

Humming Mad #3: RUINS

- Paris In The Making (Singapore)
- Ghaust
- Vallendusk
- Serigala Jahanam
- Seems Like Yesterday
- The King of Iron Fist Tournament

- Amukredam

Lumbung Padi Cafe (Ruko Ampera Soho Blok B2 ; Jl. Puri Mutiara No. 35B, Cilandak, Jakarta Selatan)
Monday, 19th March 2012
18.30 - death LMAO.

please, i'll be performing with the guy from Maverick as The King Of Iron Fist Tournament. Grind on!

Thursday, 1 March 2012

Binatang Liar - Sekumpulan (A Bunch Of Wild Animals)

Finally, Binatang Liar's debut album "Sekumpulan (A Bunch Of Wild Animals)" has been released!