Tuesday, 13 December 2011

updates lol

hello. i just deleted my multiply blogging site last week, so i think blogspot will be my main blog (for now). i've been busy lately, i've been doing videoworks for this female idol group named jkt48, sounds familiar? yep, jkt48 is a sister group of akb48, that famous idol group from japan. the girls of jkt48 surrounds my daily life since last october, i think you should follow their twitter, uhmm i've never really into local all-girl music group but they're really nice person. i was kinda moved when thay sang happy birthday to me :')
fuck why am i being so mushy about it haha. the job makes me feel really old, the girls often called me "om" (uncle) . :(

i am old. i'm 1/4 century old this year. no!!

okay back to updates:
i still have 3 movie documentation and a documentary movie to finish! a friend of mine, Gusad is doing the "Mama Cake" and "Cahaya Di Atas Cahaya (Rayya)" documentation (behind the scenes) today. I hope it will be finished before new year. and also my upcoming documentary movie got featured on houtskools, the JakartaGlobe, and jakartabeat.net. A four minutes teaser is on the works! and also a friend of mine,isha hening will contribute her motion graphic skills to our documentary movie. awesome.

so that's it. 25 sucks. in the meantime please check out the some of the jkt48 videos made by me and my friends at jkt48 youtube channel.

sneak peek:

quarter life crisis.

11th December 2011.

it must be dead.
it was supposed to be a joke.
it wasn't fun anymore.
too old for this shit.
the jokes are old.
no vinyls. fuck it.
starting new projects.
fresh ideas.
dennis lyxzen was right.
a real goodbye to college years.
thanks for all of your support.

rest in peace 2005-2011.

Monday, 31 October 2011

Muvann: "Ini Jalanku"

i did the grading and coloring lol.

Thursday, 13 October 2011


yes, mindzapp is back. this time we'll bring Kazuhisa Uchihashi, free-improvised/experimental musician from Japan. he will also do a free-improvised musical workshop which is going to be held at 19th october, let me know if you're interested.

STUDIORAMA presents:

Another Lost Frequencies!!

With Acts :
Kazuhisa Uchihashi (from Japan)
A stone A
Maverick's Crackers Quintet

Tuesday, 18th October at Bara Futsal Blok M

it's free of charge! do come!

Sunday, 2 October 2011

Kawah Ijen Timelapse is on Gif Festival

special thanks to Riar Rizaldi

check out http://giffestival.tumblr.com for more information.

Monday, 26 September 2011


"Melafalkan Autisme, Memamerkan Frustrasi"

Sebuah Eksibisi Audio Visual Dari:
aghastyoghalis (lpg) | ababil ashari (yk) | adythia utama (jkt) | aditya saputra (jkt) | akhmad taufiqqurakhman (jkt) | aldy kusumah (bdg) | aldiman sinaga (sby) | alfian beiblupbee (mlg) | andi rharharha (jkt) | anitha silvia (sby) | anizar yasmeen (mlg) | anggung kuy kay (bdg) | anto arief (bdg) | avezinebid (mlg) | ayu widjaja (mlg) | coloroyd (jkt) | widhiastana (mlg) | decky yulian (mlg) | didit prasetyo (mlg) | dilla qolbi (solo) | donny x rio (mlg) | eko cahyono (sby) | emil ismail (mlg) | evvan permana (sby) | farid stevy (yk) | faris shidqi (sby) | fattah setiawan (mlg) | gembira putra agam (jkt) | gooodit x kentang radio (jkt) | gungun (sby) | hanna theodora (jkt) | harlan boer (jkt) | ichan harim (yk) | ilusitanpabatas (sby) | kero copy (sby) | kontemplasihati (mlg) | kuro (sby) | manan (jkt) | mikha ogamba (mlg) | mira x manzila (mlg) | ndnmld (mlg) | novan (mlg) | novaruth (mlg) | novie elisa (sby) | ossidiaz (mlg) | alfan (sby) | pink (mlg) | redi murti (sby) | ricky baybay janitra (jkt) | rino adlis (mlg) | samacksamakk (mlg) | w.n.k.r.m (sby) | woktherock (yk) | pandu (sby) | puput (mlg).

MALANG. Coffee Time
30 September 2011
opening | intenna | cock at hole | the illusion

01 Oktober 2011
presentasi karya | diskusi

02 Oktober 2011
ninavolta | parametic delay | wnkrm | bimasakti | biscotti (aus)

14 Oktober 2011
opening | presentasi karya | VJ | karaoke

15 - 23 Oktober 2011
pameran | diskusi | pameran

it's my first mixtape exhibition! do come if you live around malang! :D

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

current info on my upcoming documentary

since last year i've been working on this documentary about the indonesian people who makes noise music. well, it's been awhile since our last video teaser, but i am glad to inform you that.. we have a production blog! also twitter and movie page on facebook!


the working title for this documentary would be "NOISE INDONESIA", what do you guys think about the name? i'm thinking about changing it to "Bising: Indonesian Noise, captured" though.

Thursday, 8 September 2011

Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Onion: Live at Rossi (Jakarta)

a short documentary about the Australian-female-drone-solo-artist, Onion in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

DJ Ainudin

in the spirit of ied mubarak. here comes DJ Ainudin with his debut "TUCK-BEER-UN".

Seorang misterius yang diduga berasal dari Jakarta, terlibat di beberapa proyek musik-musik tidak beres, dan pendengar setia electronic dance music, mengirimkan debut single-nya kepada kami atas nama DJ Ainudin. Bukan proyek se-festive rilisan Mad Decent atau Top Billin‘ atau Man Recordings, tapi memberikan nuansa penuh keceriaan dan spirit baru bagi Anda yang telah berpuasa 29 atau 30 hari lamanya di bulan Ramadan ini. Dan, oh, bukan cuma untuk mereka yang muslim saja, debut single ini juga bisa dinikmati oleh Anda yang memercayai kitab-kitab selain Quran. Nikmati tembang yang mungkin dahulu cukup familiar di telinga partygoers gaul sejati dan penggiat tradisi klasik para muslim sejak dahulu.
- Gembi of Wastedrockers

Thursday, 25 August 2011


here's the video i made for videowrk #2 festival in surabaya months ago. enjoy.

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Cahaya Di Atas Cahaya: Behind The Scenes Teaser

me and my friend, aldo, made these teasers. the first one's kinda buggy because we weren't using the quick time conversion on final cut pro LOL.

anyways, the full length behind the scenes is still on my computer. unedited. fuck my life. hahaha. in the meantime, enjoy!

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Reverie Sound Revue

Canadian indie pop band. Soothing.
Self Titled EP
Self Titled Full Album
*both albums are self titled but the tracklist are completely different

jus melon: making the video

i just uploaded the late work of mine. it's the making the video of mbah surip's son, farid a.k.a. putra mbah surip, the song is titled "jus melon". enjoy.

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Polka Wars - Coraline (live)

MTV Get Off The Air 2011

so yesterday was the 30th birthday of mtv channel. and i just saw the first 10 minutes of the channel launch on youtube.
this is one of a historic moment on television broadcasts. the first music television was finally born, with a symbolic music video, "Video Killed The Radio Star" by The Buggles, followed with "You Better Run" by Pat Benatar (she looked like eva spence of rolo tomassi lol). and then the original five MTV VJs in 1981 were shown: Nina Blackwood, Mark Goodman, Alan Hunter, J.J. Jackson and Martha Quinn, saying things like "musical continue non-stop on mtv music television" or "you'll never look at music the same way again" etc, quite a video-killed-a-radio-star-spirit. these guys, ironically are back into being a radio person nowadays.

i was a frequent watcher of mtv (i watch mtv indonesia one). it used to be broadcasted on antv. i like the awards show, alternative nation, cool VJs: nadya hutagalung, sarah sechan, jamie aditya, and many more. these guys was also VJ's on MTV Asia, unlike MTV Indonesia VJ nowadays. i used to dislike the Dead Kennedys song "MTV Get Off The Air" back then in Junior High School, i was like "yea whatever mr. biafra, who cares if MTV have turned rock and roll rebellion into Pat Boone sedation. who cares about tax? i least they've started a revolution. i've been dreaming about getting a cable since i was a little kid, so i can watch mtv (that's right, i used oftenly watch mtv on my relative house because i didn't have a cable TV back then. lame right lol). why did you wrote that song?" (though this song were released before i was born, i listened to this song on the radio in the year 2000 haha). until, for the last 5-6 years, mtv were gettin' lamer. reality shows are everywhere, less-music, and the music are...uhm...retarded. i feel you now Mr. Jello Biafra. everything that he said on the song is getting more reasonable these days. In the name of internet-killed-the-video-star, MTV GET OFF THE FUCKIN AIR. NOW! or at least change your name into a STTV (Stupid Teenager Television) or something.

Dead Kennedys - MTV Get Off The Air
ps: yep, that includes you, MTV Indonesia.

Sunday, 31 July 2011

Agents Of Abhorrence

Grindcore trio from Melbourne featuring members of My Disco, Cut Sick, and Barbage Guts. The My Disco dude plays guitar and it still has the mathrock feel, which reminds me of snapcase/my disco...with blastbeats. i define this kind of music as "post-grindcore" lol.

Covert Lobotomy

Friday, 29 July 2011

teaser for my upcoming documentary

A teaser for an upcoming documentary about Indonesian noise movement, disturbance sounds, and anti-musical artist since 1993 until this year. Really coming soon!

Thursday, 28 July 2011


Friday, July 29 2011 @ 6.30 PM
at Mary Jane’s Studio
3rd Floor Ruko Vila Delima
Karang Tengah Raya, Lebak Bulus
Jakarta Selatan



in the lounge, spinnin’ some tunes to hang loose.

Visit http://studiorama.tumblr.com/ for more this and that.

at sea (we are nothing) : making the video

a late behind the scene project of mine. i was too lazy to edit the footages until 3 days ago. the music video itself were released a year ago. and we shoot the video 2 years ago haha. anyways, the music video is directed by danif pradana, the band is ghaust, and the song is "at sea (we are nothing)" enjoy.

the music video :

Friday, 22 July 2011

The Brian Slade Stardust - Mystery Kitchen Jam (live)

MINDZAPP's recap.

i just made the event's recap, dedicated for those who missed the show. you can also download live excerpt compilation here.

here are the reviews:

Studiorama Presents
Noise and Lost Frequencies
Saturday, July 9th 2011
Bara Futsal (Basement) Terminal Blok M
Jl Paletehan No 68, Blok M, South Jakarta

Bzzzzt *lebay. Suara itu terdengar hingga di parkir motor di basement Bara Futsal, Blok M. Hal itu menandakan dua hal, artis yang sedang perform di pagelaran anti-musik Mindzapp itu memang memproduksi suara yang luar biasa bising, dan venue berarti dekat parkir. Memang sih ruang berlangsungnya acara di sebelah persis parkir motor.

Membuka pintu, ouchh .. individual distortion, the no-life dude aka @disasterhead, merangkap ketua panitia -kalau tidak salah-, sedang perform. Dia sedang tidak meracik ramuan breakcore/speedcore, back to basic apa ya? harsh-noise, lengkap dengan topi yang dia pakai setiap kali perform. Saya datang dan selang beberapa menit kemudian, show individual distortion selesai, alias saya telat. Hehe. Tunggu, venue-nya keren banget. Ruang kotak warna putih bersih, lapang, AC splitnya ada 3, artsy banget lah.

Sangsaka Worship berikutnya, mereka berdua tampil santai, duduk di kursi, @sawiesoso memainkan gitar akustik, dan Wing memainkan gitar elektrik. Tweepop/sunshinecore banget lah. Eh. Dengan beberapa artwork digambar di kertas seukuran A3 di meja hidang peralatan mereka. Ho. Berbeda dengan performance mereka sebelumnya di Mary Jane Studio beberapa minggu sebelumnya, yang kental aura kosmik-psikadelik, penampilan kali ini kental dengan nuansa India, saya sih nangkepnya gitu, dengan irama vokal seperti orang mengaji. Dan dua orang teman di sebelah saya juga sedang ngobrol masalah India, karena salah satunya ada yang mau iseng main ke India. Cool.

Terror/incognita, aka @_r13, sesepuh scene Kota Semarang, yang karena sedang berada di Jakarta bisa turut memeriahkan pesta ini, tampil berikutnya. Dengan bermodal standard yamaha mixer MG10/2 dan hercules condenser microphone C-01, doi lah yang bisa membuat hampir semua pemirsa menutup telinga mereka! Bising di frekuensi tinggi! Noise primitif, aksi duel mic dengan ampli, dengan sesekali teriakan, dan diakhiri dengan #goyangsenggamacore dengan ampli, tapi pluk, mic-nya lepas! Hehe. BRO, NOISE AS FVCK BRO! \m/

Kalimayat. @danifpradana, dedengkot Deathtiwikrama Records, kali ini berkolaborasi dengan rekannya di doom-all-stars Sabedarah, @bujubuneng. @danifpradana memproduksi suara dari iPad, dan MacBook Pro, entah diapaain. Ga keliatan. @bujubuneng beraksi sama seperti kalau dia perform dengan Sabedarah, main efek dan vokal yang sayangnya nyaris tidak terdengar, tentu dengan aksi teatrikal kalo ga boleh dibilang kayak orang kesurupan, hehe.

Duck Dive. Uh, kita istirahat dari harsh-noise sejenak. Kita bepergian dulu di alam psikadelik/nu-disco racikan @gounzeau sambil menganggukangguk kepala, goyang kanan kiri. Beliau ini yang santer dengan peralatan analognya, yang entah apa deh namanya. Lampu dimatikan biar makin kerasa mungkin, pikir orang yang mematikan lampu. :D

Nah, kali ini kita kedatangan tamu seorang dosen musik berkebangsaan Polandia, pernah berkolaborasi dengan Bapak Masami Akita, pernah mengajar di Jepang, kerjaannya keliling dunia juga, emang udah agak berumur sih, Bapak Zbigniew Karkowski. Susah kan ngejanya :P. Memainkan harsh-noise dengan MacBook Pro dan entah alat apa namanya, yang hanya Bembi yang bisa jelasin.

Mati Gabah Jasus, dari Bandung, sebagai satu-satunya perfomer yang memakai pedal, klasik bukan? @riarrr di sesi olah pedal dan vokal, dan @regarong, satu-satunya performer wanita, di sesi tiup terompet :3. Liar, seperti namanya @riarrr, agresif, berbahaya, senggol sana kemari, teriak marah-marah, banting mic, telungkup di kolong meja, mukulin dinding, RAW AS FVCK (lagi)! Sayang suara terompetnya tenggelam di bawah lautan amarah. Apa sih?

Caves. Kalau kata @_r13, dia ternganga dengan peralatan mereka, elektron machinedrum + monomachine, nordrack, eventide looper. Sedangkan, kalau kata @wastedrockers, Caves main minimal-techno, ambient-house. Enak kan menulis sambil mengutip :D. Tidak berisik dan enak buat ending. Uh! Seminggu sebelumya, saya melihat kolaborasi mereka, Caves dengan Jirapah dan Duckdive, dan performance malam ini beda. Lebih ”noise” kali ini. Kalau kata salah satu personelnya, yang tidak ikut bermain karena menjaga lapak cd dan mengambil dokumentasi, yang kalau dia main @regarong tidak menjadi satu-satunya performer wanita, Caves main sesuai tema acaranya, bila minggu lalu ber-nu-disco, sekarang bisalah main agak-agak berisik. Oooo .. #azekk

Udah ah. video oleh @_r13, foto dan cerita oleh saya :3

by luhur
source: http://kekeroropipi.tumblr.com/post/7503032689/studiorama-presents-mindzapp-noise-and-lost

Duck Dive Live At Mindzapp – July 9th 2011

Having featured Duck Dive in the Jakarta’s Yummy Underbelly series, I was intrigued to hear this talented musician perform a 20 minute medley of ‘Carbon‘, ‘Inner Projections‘, ‘Vimana‘ in a recent show in South Jakarta. Duck Dive performed this medley as part of [MINDZAPP] – A Night of Altered Noise and Lost Frequencies, a show curated by the good guys at Studiorama which also featured other experimental noise artists from all across Java (and Poland!): Kalimayat, Terror/Incognita (Semarang), Mati Gabah Jasus (Bandung), Zbigniew Karkowski (Poland), Sangsaka Worship, Individual Distortion and C ∆ V ∑ S. Yeah I know it’s a lot of noise, but yum yum yum

By Ffonz of whiteboardjournal
source: http://whiteboardjournal.com/news/w_music-news/duck-dive-live-at-mindzapp-july-9th-2011.html

pictures by toro elmar

Friday, 15 July 2011

Rajasinga - Dilarang Berbisa (live)

i went to rajasinga's rajagnaruk album launch last night. the show was great though the crowd was kinda boring, unlike their performance in reneo cafe, bandung months ago, the crowd was more enthusiast. i took a video from my gopro. here's "Dilarang Berbisa".

ps. fuck, my gopro lens is kinda scratched because the moshpit crowd made me unintentionally dropped it. fuck fuck fuck. no more gopro at grindcore gigs.

[MINDZAPP] The Compilation

Danif Pradana (of Kalimayat) recorded the whole [mindzapp] performances last saturday. We decide to make a compilation out of those recordings. Here's the tracklistAudio Mastered by : Danif Pradana
Artworks by : Rega Ayundya Putri
Click here to download "[MINDZAPP] THE COMPILATION"

Saturday, 9 July 2011



July 16th 2011
Mary Jane's Studio
3rd Floor Ruko Villa Delima, Karang Tengah Raya, Lebak Bulus, Jakarta.

Start at 19.00-End.


Featuring :

- Serigala Jahanam. A Heavy Bruto Sludge Monster from Jakarta.
- Nervous Breakdown. Eastern Jakarta Artcore.
- Depriver. A Depresive Heavy-Layered Distortion Doom.
- Kebun Anggur. Fucked Up Youth plays Noise Rock.

Monday, 4 July 2011


STUDIORAMA presents:

[MINDZAPP] - A Night of Altered Noise and Lost Frequencies.

Zbigniew Karkowski (Poland)
Terror/Incognita (Semarang)
Duck Dive
Mati Gabah Jasus (Bandung)
Sangsaka Worship
Individual Distortion
C ∆ V ∑ S

Saturday, July 9th 2011 at 05:30 PM
Bara Futsal (Basement), near Terminal Blok M,
Jl. Paletehan No. 68, Blok M, South Jakarta.

Here's the map:


just heard this song last week on the radio when i went to Bali.

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Mati Gabah Jasus - Monolith (live)

Mati Gabah Jasus live at Padi Artground, recorded using canon 550D and GOPRO.

Sunday, 26 June 2011

R.I.P. Seth Putnam (1968-2011)

i might be late, but R.I.P. Seth Putnam, the lead singer/frontman of the legendary noisegrind band, Anal Cunt (a.k.a. AxCx)

Anal Cunt - Wearing Out Our Welcome (2011)

Sunday, 19 June 2011

VIDEO:WRK #02 - Surabaya Video Festival 2011

one of my video is participating in VIDEO:WRK #02 - Surabaya Video Festival 2011!

VIDEO:WRK #02 - Surabaya Video Festival 2011

18 June 2011 | 18.00 | C2O // Screening, Discussion | Slamet Abdul Sjukur

21 June 2011 | 18.30 | CCCL // Opening Ceremony
| 19.00 | CCCL // Opening Party (ELECTROWORK + VJ CULTURE)

22 June 2011 | 15.00 | CCCL // Discussion | WAFT (Surabaya) + Ruang Rupa (Jakarta)

23 June 2011 | 12.00 | Mini Theatre FISIP UNAIR // Presentation | WAFT (Surabaya) + KINETIK (Surabaya)
| 19.00 | Aiola Store // Artist Gathering

24 June 2011 | 16.00 | CCCL // Artist Talk | Agoes Sam + Club Sakit Jiwa Pandan
| 22.00 | Club 39 // Closing Party | All Participant

Abi Rama - Jakarta
Aditya Adinegoro – Surabaya
Aditya Dony Suryawan – Sukoharjo
Aditya Fachrizal Hafiz - Jakarta
Adythia Utama – Jakarta
Agoes Sam – Surabaya
Audrey Gleizes - France
Al Harif Jaya – Surabaya
Anas Etan – Bali
Andang Kelana – Jakarta
Angga Cipta - Jakarta
Anggito Rahman – Yogyakarta
Aprizal Phleg N – Surabaya
Arghubi Rachmadia – Surabaya
Artiandi akbar - Bandung
Ary Dian – Gresik
Ari Dina Krestiawan – Jakarta
Asy Syams – Sidoarjo
Bagasworo Aryaningtyas – Jakarta
Bambang Kurniawan – Surabaya
Benny Wicaksono – Surabaya
Cahyo Wulan Prayogo – Surabaya
Chloe Merigot - France
Christo Vittorio – Surabaya
Club Sakit Jiwa Pandan – Surabaya
Danial Rifky - Jakarta
David Darmadi – Padang
Deni Septiyanto - Jakarta
Eko Ende Hariadi – Surabaya
Eldwin Pradipta - Bandung
Erwin Hermawan - Jakarta
Fibri Shabirin – Sidoarjo
Franciska Christine - Jakarta
Gelar Agryano Soemantri – Jakarta
Handoko – Surabaya
Helmi Hardian – Surabaya
Hendra Bhakti - Jakarta
Henry Foundation – Jakarta
Hendry Ong - Jakarta
Heytuta Masjhur - Jakarta
Indrani Ashe – Yogyakarta
I Gede Adhi JP - Jakarta
Metropolelightberry - Yogyakarta
Jatmiko Wicaksono – Boyolali
Jean-Gabriel Periot – France
Josephino Meilano – Sidoarjo
Juventius Sandy Setyawan – Surabaya
Kresna D. Wicaksana - Jakarta
Kukuh Rizal - Bandung
Mahardika Yudha – Jakarta
Mahargyo Jati Nugraha - Jakarta
Maulana Adel Pasha – Jakarta
Muhammad Fauzi – Jakarta
Nala Nandana Undiana – Yogyakarta
No.E Sakana – USA
Nova Anggoro - Jakarta
Novielisa – Surabaya
Pijar Crissandi – Sidoarjo
Ray Sangga Kusuma - Jakarta
Renal Rinoza Kasturi – Tangerang
RESdept-the departure – Yogyakarta
Riar Rizaldi – Bandung
Rizky Juniartama – Surabaya
Syaiful Anwar – Jakarta
Tasya P. Maulana - Jakarta
Taufik Monyong – Surabaya
Tiger Sprong - Jakarta
Wimardana Herdanto – Surabaya

Acid Washed (Fra)
DJ Arianne
Sad And Madness

VJ Foldace
VJ Herbal
VJ Mbits
VJ Muth
VJ Pop


Friday, 10 June 2011

Harr-Ruppun - Catholic Catasthropic Schoolgirls

lol me and my friends did a jam and made this joke lo-fi screamo band. recorded on gopro. the band's called "harr-ruppun" (pronounced harapan in indonesia). we sucked. the band later turned into a noisecore band.

Catholic Catasthropic Schoolgirls DEMO

Tuesday, 24 May 2011


Your prayers have been answered, we are back.

Special guests:

- Dried Cassava

- A Fine-Tuning Creation

- Denial

with DJ Sawi Lieu a.k.a. Sawolf, a howlin' barkin' blood-suckin' disc jockey with fangs full of wild tunes.

Ticket: Rp 0,-

Visit http://studiorama.tumblr.com/ for more this and that.

Saturday, 21 May 2011

asshole of the moment #1

it happened on menteng to manggarai one-way bridge, central jakarta. you guys should try it, drive your car on the afternoon (around 6 o'clock) through jalan surabaya, then point your car toward manggarai. you'll find this 'polisi cepek' asshole who asks for your penny. in return, he will "help" you to turn left in the middle of road congestion, which is fucking pointless because everyone can do it by themselves. it's ok, all people need jobs, they need to eat. although his work is useless. i do tolerate it....until...
seen in this video, I have denied this asshole many times but he keeps asking me for money until i lost it and yelled at him lol. fuck jakarta.

Thursday, 19 May 2011

C ∆ V ∑ S - Untitled (Live at Studiorama #1)

music/visuals: C ∆ V ∑ S
video editor : me
camera : prenza muhammad and me
audio mastering : muhammad fahri

Monday, 16 May 2011

they cut off my legs now i'm an amputee goddamn you

i dig this song, Harvey Danger were a one hit wonder pop-punk band from Seattle, America. I finally saw their video "Fragpole Sitta" for the second time in my whole life, while the first one was back then when i was still on the 5th grade. i just got back home from elementary school, turned on the TV and Channel [V] was playing on RCTI Channel, this video popped up. awesome. as far as i recall, the lead singer looks like the barenaked ladies lead singer haha. i used to heard this song several times on a radio. "Fragpole Sitta" (some people called it "Paranoia") were also appeared on the movie "Disturbing Behavior" which starring James Marsden, Nick Stahl, and the un-tomcruised Katie Holmes.

fuckin' nostalgic.

Monday, 9 May 2011

Jelaga - The War Song (Live at Studiorama #1)

Jelaga, performing "The War Song" live at Studiorama #1

camera by : Prenza Muhammad and me
edited by : me
audio mastered by : Gonzo

Sigmun - Bones (Live at Studiorama #1)

Formerly known as Loud, Sigmun performed at Studiorama's first edition.

Like bringing high-gain amplifiers and drums into a cave. That’s how Loud describe their own sound, and I don’t think I can find a better description than that. Beside playing their own ominous songs like the one above, this LA Lights Indiefest 2009 regional finalist have also covered Black Sabbath songs so good, even Mr. Iommi would be proud. Let’s just say hello to Indonesia’s own princes of darkness. Oh, by the way, they are not proud with the fact that they have competed in that aforementioned band competition. - Reno Nismara of Rolling Stone INA

Directed by : me
Camera by : Prenza Muhammad and me
Audio mastered by : Gonzo


Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Sodadosa, live at breakcore_LABS 0.7.1 in Amphiteater Taman Budaya Yogyakarta.

so last year i went to an event called "breakcore_LABS 0.7.1". the event took place in Amphiteater Taman Budaya Yogyakarta, which is located in Yogyakarta (duh, i repeated this joke all the time). breakcore_LABS is an open platform for breakcore and experimental electronic audiovisual in Indonesia, which is initiated by House Of Natural Fiber (H.O.N.F.), a yogyakarta new media art laboratory. enough with the introduction, i taped this dude, Krisna Widiathama, performed as Sodadosa. check it out:

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

jakarTARCK's premiere.

as you know, earlier this year i've been working as an assistant director of an upcoming documentary movie, "jakarTARCK". well, the movie's done! here's the poster:yea, i know. my name's not on the poster, but i think you should see this movie. watch it until the end of the movie, look at the credit title, my name's there LOL (just kiddin'). btw, check out the teasers here.

so the premiere's going to be held at Halaman Teater Kecil, Taman Ismail Marzuki this 29th April. it's an outdoor event! why? because the fixedgear riders are goin to bring their bike too haha. too bad i can't make it. i'm handlin' switchfoot on the same date. fuck.come, if you're interested in
-knowing the history of fixedgear scene in jakarta.
-showing off your skid skillz.
-seeing chicks on a fixedgear ride.
-givin your pals a fixed-highfive.
-jakartarck movie screening ofcourse.


*update: kompas.com wrote an article about this movie

Thursday, 14 April 2011

Sunday, 10 April 2011

Cured Pink - #1

saw this dude at Common Room, Bandung weeks ago. i recorded it on Sony HDR-HC1E.

Monday, 14 March 2011


Come and have a musical attunement!

With special guests:


- Jelaga


with MC Blasphemer & MC Disasterhead (the two most devilish Master of Ceremonies in Jakarta) and DJ Venom XXX (one of Jakarta's unwitting selectors)

Friday, March 25th 2011 @ 8 PM
at Mary Jane’s Studio
Ruko Vila Delima 3rd Floor
Karang Tengah Raya, Lebak Bulus
Jakarta Selatan

Visit studiorama's tumblr for more this and that.

ps. fuck mc disasterhead.

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Monday, 14 February 2011


Udanwatu is an open-source collaboration project initiated by Adit Bujbunen Al Buse. This project has been on since 2-3 years ago.

Udanwatu are :

Adit Bujbunen Al Buse (Karbala bukan fatamorgana, Sabedarah)
Adythia Utama (Individual Distortion, Depriver)
Danif Pradana (Kalimayat, Khuruksetra, Sabedarah)
Dede (Serigala Jahanam, Ledakan Urbanisasi)
Embun Munggarani (Hairdresser on Fire)
Halim Budiono (Cranial Incisored)
Kanika Lo (Kanika)
Morgue Vanguard (ex-Homicide, Trigger Mortis)
Reza August (Hairdresser on Fire, Zarr)
Rully Sabhara (ZOO)
Uri Putra (Ghaust, GATT, Bertanduk, Sabedarah)

Tidak pernah terbayangkan oleh saya sebelumnya bahwa sebuah kolaborasi jarak jauh bisa menghasilkan bentuk karya seperti ini. Rasanya sedikit mustahil bila mengingat jarak adalah kendala terbesar dalam berkomunikasi. Walaupun begitu, seniman maupun musisi yang terlibat dalam proyek ini justru mampu mengeksekusi proyek ini dengan begitu baik.

Udanwatu - Durjana Saya Sempurna, adalah rilisan pertama di Indonesia yang menampilkan kolaborasi open-source dari berbagai musisi/sound-artist lokal lintas genre dalam menciptakan sebuah karya sonic literature yang konseptual.

Setiap track dalam rilisan ini ditata dengan begitu rapi layaknya sebuah bab pada buku. Kita bisa merasakan sensasi ketegangan sebuah cerita dari prologue, sonic-assault, hingga post-traumatic ambience.

Saya mengumpamakan Udanwatu sebagai sebuah "Secret Society": sekumpulan hidup yang beroperasi dalam kegelapan—dimana setiap masing-masing dari para anggotanya meleburkan diri ke masyarakat umum. Tapi mereka memiliki kehidupan yang berbeda antara satu dengan yang lainnya. Mereka adalah seniman/musisi yang berkarya dalam lingkup genrenya masing-masing.

Tapi, di balik semua itu, masing-masing dari anggota "Secret Society" tersebut tergabung dalam sebuah "Brotherhood"—atau mungkin lebih kerennya lagi sebuah "Order". Dan ini layaknya seperti "The Order of Sonic Assassins"—yang mana setiap anggotanya mempunyai tujuan yang sama, yaitu menciptakan sebuah virus "Sonic Masochist Entertainment" yang akan disebarkan ke masyarakat umum.

Uniknya, setiap anggota dari "Secret Society" ini tidak pernah bertatap muka secara langsung. Semua proses berjalan dari kejauhan—mengingat semua anggotanya tidak pernah melakukan pengerjaannya secara bersamaan.

Dan media internet di sini ibaratnya adalah seekor burung merpati pengantar pesan. Ia mengantarkan sebuah misi yang harus dieksekusi oleh para anggota "Order" yang terlibat. Begitu pengeksekusian telah dilaksanakan, si burung merpati akan kembali mengantar pesan kemenangan tersebut kepada sang "Leader". Namun sang eksekutor tidak pernah bertemu atau bertatap muka langsung dengan sosok "Leader" pengirim tugas eksekusi.

Kurang lebih seperti itulah proses kreatif dari Udanwatu. Sebuah band dengan personil tanpa jasad. Semuanya personilnya bersembunyi di balik kegelapan. Di sini, para personilnya berperang di sonic territory mereka masing-masing berdasarkan komando yang diberikan oleh Aditya Saputra, sebagai "Leader" dan konseptor dari Udanwatu. Satu materi disebarkan keseluruh anggota "Order" untuk kemudian diacak-acak dan diracik sedemikian rupa hingga menghasilkan sebuah virus kehancuran yang sempurna.

Materi yang dikirim oleh Adit seumpama "Letter of Assassination" yang mengharuskan setiap anggota "Order" untuk menaruh noda darah mereka sebagai bukti bahwa mereka telah menjalankan eksekusi tugasnya. Hasil dari eksekusi tersebut adalah sebuah manifestasi kebisingan yang pada akhirnya melebur menjadi satu "entitas" yang tersendiri. Dan "entitas" tersebut adalah track-track yang terepresentasi dalam rilisan ini.

Setiap track memiliki suasana dan atmosfer yang berbeda. Semuanya tereksekusikan dengan begitu konseptual—sesuai dengan tujuan awal dari pengeksekusian ini. Masing-masing personil dari proyek ini mempunyai metode eksekusi mereka masing-masing. Namun hal tersebut bukanlah untuk menunjuk siapa mereka, tapi lebih dari itu, untuk menegaskan kehancuran macam apa yang telah mereka hasilkan pada setiap track yang ada.

Danif Pradana

(sound designer/sound artist/film maker)

Pre-Order the CD-R now! (since the cdr's are only limited to 50 pieces).

Artist : Udanwatu
Album title : Durjana Saya Sempurna
Genre : Sound Art/Eksperimental/Avant-Garde
Label : Sinapang Masin

IDR. 95.000/Package


Zelva Wardi - +62856.9207.3535

Sunday, 13 February 2011

Behind The Scene It's Me Movie Arie

Women's World, collaborating with a production house is going to release 2 short movies. I got chosen to do the documentation. head on to this site to see the behind the scene teaser i made for one of the movies.

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

i just want to say

that deftones were fucking awesome last night.

ps. i didn't take any pictures because i was too excited. i was a concertgoer last night anyway, not some kind of blackberry-capturing-the-concert-with-lo-fi-quality-user person.

Thursday, 3 February 2011

Binatang Liar : Shut Their Eyes

Toro Elmar made a music video for Binatang Liar's song "Shut Their Eyes". lol.

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

mystery kitchen

Depriver | Pest Lives - Split

a split between my project "depriver" and "pest lives" is finally released today by drowning netlabel.

Two very upfront Indonesian acts meet on this rare transmission from the Southern Hemisphere. Depriver is a shoegazing black metal band from Jakarta with a heavy sludgy sound. Pest Lives is a debuting but rock solid drone doom act with a personal sound and a fine-tuned sense of time and tension.

liner notes by Danny Kreutzfeldt.

Released January 31st 2011.


Tuesday, 25 January 2011

jakarTARCK teaser 3

director: Ari Rusyadi
editor: me
rider: Edhi Ahmadi
music: "Fantomas Suspended Animation Remix" by Randomatik Blast.

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Depriver : An Escape

i brought my videocam when i was at singapore months ago. and i have no idea about what i was going to do with my videocam, so i shot anything that i passed. time passes until last night, an idea came across my mind : "how about making a music video off this unused-footage?". so i opened the editing software and the rest is history (lol wtf, history my ass :p). i made this video for my own 'musical' project "depriver". enjoy! (if you want to)

music : "An Escape" by Depriver.
director, editor, videographer : me.
location : everywhere in Singapore.

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Friday, 7 January 2011

a tribute to fuad baradja.

Music: "Kapan Gua Lulus?" by Individual Distortion
Model: Fuad Baradja
Edited by Me

ps. Shelby Cinca (of Frodus, Triobelisk, and The Cassettes) liked this on facebook.

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

jakarTARCK teaser 2

jakarTARCK teaser 2 from jakarTARCK on Vimeo.

another jakarTARCK teaser edited by me.

rider: Edhi Ahmadi
music: "Spin" by Otomo Yoshihide's New Jazz Quintet.

Sunday, 2 January 2011

Inmyroom – Netlabel Mixtape Vol. 1 (Indonesian Netlabel Union)

Cover Artwork by Carryna Pratiwi

01. Shorthand Phonetics – Don’t Say Hi To Her From Me
02. BondiNedHansel – F.M.A.
03. Belkastrelka – Fiksi Pencuri Mimpi
04. J. Irwin – Local Heroes
05. Turbo Blip – Kota Hujan
06. Depriver – Jakarta Seems Empty Without You Here

07. Etza Meisyara – Marionette Opera
08. Bottlesmoker feat Ajie Gergaji – Frozen Scratch Cerulean
09. Evily Candy Machine – Sky Smeared Orange
10. The Wispy Hummers – For Now

Indonesian Netlabel Union is a project where each local netlabels (Hujan Rekords, Mindblasting Records, StoneAge Records, Tsefula/Tsefuelha Records, and Yes No Wave) created a 10 songs mixtape (or compilation) that are taken from the catalog local netlabel releases (either already active or passive) or a webzine which also released the album free legally, the project was first initiated by Wok The Rock from Yes No Wave Music.

One of Depriver songs "Jakarta Seems Empty Without You Here" got chosen for the inmyroom records mixtape.


Saturday, 1 January 2011

Happy New Year and R.I.P. My Student Card

yesterday was the last day of the year 2010, it was also the last day of my student card validity. which means, yesterday was the last time for me being a student haha. this card has been accompanying me for the last five years. in addition to proof my identity as a student and borrow books in the library, this card also has functions to get a discount when i buy a concert ticket (despite it's bad shape unlike any other student cards). so to honor my student card services, at the end of its life, i'm going to use its funtion for the last time. so i went to the mall near my house, Gandaria City, with the intent to seek student card discounts. i couldn't find any, until....DOMINOS, my fave pizza evar, has a 10% student price discounts. the discounts were only available from monday to friday. FRIDAY! perfect! and it only lasts until 5 PM! it was almost 16:45 PM. I immediately ordered cheesy bread, my fave side dish ever from dominos pizza.haha they even wrote my student number on the waiting list.this is cheesy bread (i know, bad cropping, sorry). the 10% discount just save me as much as 2.500 rupiahs only, but thanks, you've done a lot of things to me, card. it's time for me to step to the next level, adulthood, work work work and purchase goods without discount. bye bye student life.Rest In Peace, pal.

1050150001 (2005-2010)