Wednesday, 29 September 2010

For The Flames Beneath Your Bridge

For The Flames Beneath Your Bridge, mathcore, hardcore, chaotic hardcore, metalcore, southern rock, etc you name it. I've known this band since 2006 when myspace was still a sidestream social networking (in indonesia). There's this myspace forum group named "J-Town Hardcore" where i met a lot of cool people and bands from the local hardcore scene and "For The Flames Beneath Your Bridge" is one of them. They used to wore some fashioncore stuffs like white belt, emo haircuts, and girljeans. I've also listened to their earlier stuff (i forgot the title but it has a long song title), it sounds like From Autumn To Ashes or such. But things are changing, their debut album titled "LXX.VII" is just released months ago. The newer stuff reminds me of Converge and Norma Jean with a southern rock influence. Awesome. and finally i have a chance to saw them live for the first time last saturday at the event "In Loving Memory Of Joneh (1982-2010)" (R.I.P. Brother) in Rossi, Jakarta. I recorded their song "Gluttony". Check it out.

My Pride Is The Greatest

Monday, 27 September 2010

poignant and turmoil

yep. apparantly my silly musical project (depriver), has just released it's first EP (titled : "poignant and turmoil") off the local net-label named Hujan! Rekords. if you had enough time then you should give it a listen (or a download). thanks.

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Saturday, 11 September 2010


do you like fueled by ramen records? do you like decaydance? do you like fall out boy? do you like pete wentz? do you give a shit about pete wentz's dick? Racetraitor was a straight edge metallic hardcore band that existed in the 90's which contained xPete Wentzx on bass (well he's just a fill in bass player though). their music is characterized with an abundance of noise and blast beats.

Burn The Idol Of The White Messiah

Friday, 10 September 2010

About The Drunker

About The Drunker, a 4 piece lo-fi-fastcore band from Jakarta. They just released an album about Ramadhan month titled "xRELIGIx". Happy Ied!

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

stage diving onto the drum-step-X-outing crowd with a durian

Stage Diving Onto The Drum-Step-X-Outing Crowd With A Durian by fubarization

it's been several months since my previous post. i'm back and guess what? i just created a mixtape. check it out, it's called "Stage Diving Onto The Drum-Step-X-Outing Crowd With A Durian" (lol weird name eh?)
it's the first debut of me mixtape on soundcloud. the track name came out spontaneously. just imaginating if i were a dj on a drum 'n bass festival, i would jump onto the crowd and make them bleed. lol.
just trying the new mixing software with some drum n' bass tracks (well, not really), and this is the result


lostprophets - thefakesoundofprogress (machine mix)
Netsky - Mind Control
DJ Suv - Peace Of Mind
Shy FX feat. T-Power - Feelings
TerbujurKaku - Rindu Berat
The Streets - Don't Mug Yourself
Pendulum - Showdown
Transplants - Romper Stomper
Shinici Osawa - Star Guitar (Brookes Brothers remix)
Sarah Mclachlan - Sweet Surender (Roni Size remix)
High Contrast - Music Is Everything
Brown Eyed Girls - Oasis (Fraktal Desert Is Land Mix)
Matrix and Futurebound - Knite Riderz
Nirgilis - Niji (London Elektricity)