Thursday, 29 April 2010

we are the twitter generation

welcome to the land of unleashing your emotion, rants, random thoughts in just 140 characters. get the latest news faster than your fave news site here only on twitter!

twitter is also known as :

1. "sarcastically funny gay filmmaker" site
2. "females retweeting ihatequotes" site
3. "steve jobs worshipper" site
4. "concert request" site
5. "justin bieber unofficial fans" site
6. "public figure who uses RT on ubertwitter all the time" site
7. "unfunny famous blogger" site
8. and the list goes on blahblahblah.

follow me but don't ask me to follow you because i'm a twitter elitist, i hate RT's.
wtf i'm so pointless and random gtgkthxbai

Monday, 26 April 2010

flashback : Brand New Heavies at 2006's Java Jazz

Gimme one of those!
look at this video! i was there! i was there! :D

Saturday, 17 April 2010

93 Million Miles From the Sun

no, this is not that shoegaze band from UK. this one's a band fronted by Dennis Lyxzén (of Refused, The (International) Noise Conspiracy, AC4), the other members included Jon Brännström (also of Refused, and TEXT), and Saidiwas member.
93 Million Miles From the Sun - Self Titled EP

fyi, Earth is 93 million miles far away from the sun

there's only one peaches with a hole in the middle.

last night was great. i attended Peaches concert at indochine, yep Peaches, that sick electroclash fatherfucker lol. even though there wasn't any backup band but a guitar, projector, outfit, fan operator, she still rocked the stage alone.
look at her flashing crotch lol.

anyway, she performed these songs last night :
fuckin dark eh?

my fave parts was when she played guitar on "Boys Wanna Be Her" and when she performed "rock n' roll", where she pretended that she sick and spitted some water to the crowd. not to mention i grabbed peaches fake boobs last night lol.

shit robot also performed last night, but i'm not really into DFA kind of music. i prefer Ed Banger, DFA Records fucks with Death From Above 1979 and ruined Black Dice music *from noisecore into sound collage? c'mon*.

Peaches - Boys Wanna Be Her

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Latest tracks by fubarization
yo guys, check it out! i just created a soundcloud account last night. this account will be contained a lot of my noisy project. enjoy! :D