Tuesday, 24 May 2011


Your prayers have been answered, we are back.

Special guests:

- Dried Cassava

- A Fine-Tuning Creation

- Denial

with DJ Sawi Lieu a.k.a. Sawolf, a howlin' barkin' blood-suckin' disc jockey with fangs full of wild tunes.

Ticket: Rp 0,-

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Saturday, 21 May 2011

asshole of the moment #1

it happened on menteng to manggarai one-way bridge, central jakarta. you guys should try it, drive your car on the afternoon (around 6 o'clock) through jalan surabaya, then point your car toward manggarai. you'll find this 'polisi cepek' asshole who asks for your penny. in return, he will "help" you to turn left in the middle of road congestion, which is fucking pointless because everyone can do it by themselves. it's ok, all people need jobs, they need to eat. although his work is useless. i do tolerate it....until...
seen in this video, I have denied this asshole many times but he keeps asking me for money until i lost it and yelled at him lol. fuck jakarta.

Thursday, 19 May 2011

C ∆ V ∑ S - Untitled (Live at Studiorama #1)

music/visuals: C ∆ V ∑ S
video editor : me
camera : prenza muhammad and me
audio mastering : muhammad fahri

Monday, 16 May 2011

they cut off my legs now i'm an amputee goddamn you

i dig this song, Harvey Danger were a one hit wonder pop-punk band from Seattle, America. I finally saw their video "Fragpole Sitta" for the second time in my whole life, while the first one was back then when i was still on the 5th grade. i just got back home from elementary school, turned on the TV and Channel [V] was playing on RCTI Channel, this video popped up. awesome. as far as i recall, the lead singer looks like the barenaked ladies lead singer haha. i used to heard this song several times on a radio. "Fragpole Sitta" (some people called it "Paranoia") were also appeared on the movie "Disturbing Behavior" which starring James Marsden, Nick Stahl, and the un-tomcruised Katie Holmes.

fuckin' nostalgic.

Monday, 9 May 2011

Jelaga - The War Song (Live at Studiorama #1)

Jelaga, performing "The War Song" live at Studiorama #1

camera by : Prenza Muhammad and me
edited by : me
audio mastered by : Gonzo

Sigmun - Bones (Live at Studiorama #1)

Formerly known as Loud, Sigmun performed at Studiorama's first edition.

Like bringing high-gain amplifiers and drums into a cave. That’s how Loud describe their own sound, and I don’t think I can find a better description than that. Beside playing their own ominous songs like the one above, this LA Lights Indiefest 2009 regional finalist have also covered Black Sabbath songs so good, even Mr. Iommi would be proud. Let’s just say hello to Indonesia’s own princes of darkness. Oh, by the way, they are not proud with the fact that they have competed in that aforementioned band competition. - Reno Nismara of Rolling Stone INA

Directed by : me
Camera by : Prenza Muhammad and me
Audio mastered by : Gonzo